Welsh geek podcasts

Top podcasts by Welsh geeks

Here’s a selection of the best geeky Welsh podcasts (that’s podcasts by Welsh geeks, not geeky podcasts in Welsh).

If you’re anything like me, your daily commute has become a time where you plug in your headphones and get stuck in to a podcast or three.

While there are many great geeky podcasts out there, but more often than not they’re based in the US so talk about events that we’ll never be able to get to, about things we haven’t yet seen, and a disturbing aversion to putting O and U together in words.

Well, here are some of my favourite geek podcasts that are either based in Wales or have Welsh contributors.

Simply the Quest

Simply the Quest podcast header

The dragon Azevon the Green and his band of roaming reporters give you an insight into the questing lives of the people of Seren.

It’s Match of the Day meets Dungeons and Dragons as you get a hilarious analysis of our heroes’ quests – both successful and not-so-successful.

Listen to Simply the Quest.

The Flimcast

The Flimcast is a podcast co-hosted by myself, Lia and Bafty. Here we look at films that everyone should have seen by now (read: films I’ve not yet seen) and put them through their paces through the eyes of a newbie.

You can can keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to The Flimcast.

Let’s Chat Geek

A  podcast network focussing on all-things geek, Let’s Chat Geek debuted with their first show, Let’s Chat S**T, with hosts Shane and Chris. You also get Let’s Chat Comics, with Shane and Ben as hosts.

What you get is a no-holds-barred, spoilerific look at comics, TV, films, video games and whatever else the paid fancy chatting about.

Listen to Let’s Chat Geek.

Legend In My Spare Time

Hosts Matt Lees and Just Jon offer a hilarious, no-holds-barred, expletive-ridden approach to whatever tickles their fancy.

Expect numerous rants on film, music and TV, discussions on the finer points of being a geek and discussions about their daily shenanigans (of which there are many).

Listen to Legend In My Spare Time

The Unexplainers


GLC rapper Eggsy teams up with comedian Mike Bubbins to unveil the truth about the mysterious goings-on in Wales.

Whether they’re looking for ghosts in Llancaiach Fawr or searching for Sasquatch in Snowdonia, the pair add an extra bit of funny to the unexplained.

Listen to The Unexplainers

Movie Goons


Hosted by author/voice actor/pirate Terry Cooper and YouTuber Matthew Grant, Movie Goons is a podcast that looks at both new and classic geek movies. Terry and Matthew dissect and discuss these films and also give listeners the latest in movie news.

Listen to Movie Goons

Outpost 31


The newest addition to the pantheon of Welsh geek podcasts, Outpost 31 is a film review podcast. Dan and Alex give their thoughts on the latest film releases mixed in with a touch of banter.

Listen to Outpost 31

Talking Tinkerbots

Talking Tinkerbots podcast

A podcast from the founders of Tinkerbot Games and creators of Ghostel. Gino, Bevan and Tony offer their insight into the board gaming industry as well as interviews with other established designers.

They’ve an excellent mix of information and banter, and it’s quickly become one of my favourite go-to podcasts.

Listen to Talking Tinkerbots

Do you have any other podcast recommendations Welsh or otherwise? Let me know in the comments!

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