Crowdfunding spotlight: Ghostel by Tinkerbot Games

A spooky dice-placement game for 2-4 players. Ghostel is a fantastic gateway game that plays as great as it looks (and it looks amazing).

Cardiff-based board game designers Tinkerbot Games have launched the Kickstarter campaign for their dice-placement game, Ghostel:

Creepstone Manor has been closed for nearly a hundred years, standing dark and silent above the town of Creepstone, and that’s just the way resident ghost Spookie likes it! But now, the manor has been reopened and turned into a hotel for the living.

You play the part of one of Spookie’s ghostly minions, charged with ridding the house of these warm-bodied usurpers. Use your skills of terror to send them fleeing into the night and win Spookie’s patronage. Who will be top ghost?

The game is easy to learn and a hell of a lot of fun to play. I was lucky enough to playtest the game at Cardiff’s Board Game Bar along with Mike from Board Know More, and then again at Dragondaze last September.


Since then, the game has been given some fantastic art by Tyler Johnson, and graphical upgrades from designer Rachel Dobbs (who worked on Cornish Smuggler and Waggle Dance).

Designer Bevan Clatworthy says of the game:

Even after many, many playtests I still love teaching this game to new players; just watching them stare at the board, then at everyone else’s dice, then into
their opponents’ eyes as they try to second guess their first moves.

The Tinkerbots (Bevan, Gino and Tony) are aiming to raise £17,850 to fund the first print run of the game. The reward tiers range from a thank you mention from the Tinkerbots, to a copy of the game itself, to an illustrated version of yourself in the game.

UPDATE: Ghostel was fully funded, raising £20,107 and hitting three of their stretch goals.

Take a look at the campaign video:


[Get more information about Ghostel]


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