Whether you’re an arcade purist or enjoy the console games of yesteryear, Cardiff is the place for you.

A little while back I wrote about the best board gaming venues in Cardiff. But Cardiff’s catering for us nerds doesn’t end there.

If you’re a fan of retro video games, then Cardiff has a selection of venues and events that are guaranteed to impress.

Don your controller of choice and prepare to enter God Mode.


Cardiff’s first dedicated video game bar, Kongs mixes good beer, good food (thanks to residents Burger Theory) and a selection of arcade machines.

From Street Fighter II to Pac-Man and a couple of even older machines, there’s a good selection of games to whet your appetite.

They also have a dedicated space called Level 2 that can be hired for events.


Pop-up retro-gaming events are the order of the day with The Arcade Vaults. Every month, they take up residence in Cardiff’s Tiny Rebel and unleash a host of gaming goodness from every decade.

Looking for something on an Amiga? No problem. PS2? Yup. There’s even some VR action for those who want something a little more futuristic.

The Arcade Vaults also run infrequent, larger events. These host tournaments as well as guest speakers from within the Welsh gaming industry.


If you’re after something a little different for your birthday party or work’s do, then Cardiff Geek Party can help out. For £125, owners Dan and Cat will rock up to your party with your choice of consoles and all the TVs and equipment to set them up. They’ll also sort out some decorations and goody bags for your guests.

Now you can get trounced at Goldeneye from the comfort of your own home. Just like the olden days.


Right in the heart of Cardiff’s student area, Super Tomato is a haven for retro nerds.

Specialising in video games, the shop also has a sizable collection of retro toys and merchandise.

You’re likely to come across a lot of rare and unusual items from video game history. One for casual games and collectors alike.

Have I left anything out? Let me know if there’s more to Cardiff’s retro-gaming scene that I should include!

Author: Jamie

An 80s kid trapped in the body of a 90s kid, Jamie is fond of hyperbole and tends to get excited about things. Whovian, Ravenclaw, and proud Welsh geek.