Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne Kickstarter

Wales becomes Gotham in The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne [KICKSTARTER]

Dark magic is at work to thwart the Dark Knight.

An original Batman fan-film has hit Kickstarter – and has already reached its target.

Written by C W Lynch, co-writer of OffworldBatman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne sees the Caped Crusader’s allies do battle with the sorcery of Felix Faust.

The campaign aims to raise £1,500 to produce the film – a figure that was met within three days of the campaign’s launch.

Host of local talent

The film uses some of the best of Wales-based talent, including director Pete Kijek (Offworld) as Batman, Matthew Doman (Doctor Who) as The Joker, and Whovians alumni Victoria George-Veale and Ben Wilson as Zatanna and Felix Faust.

“I love that this project is pulling such awe-inspiring talent from all over the UK,” says Kijek.

“Blown away” by support

Kijek goes on to say,

“It’s been fantastic! I’m truly blown away by how supportive people have been in helping us bring this original Batman story to life!

“It’s a totally original, never-before-told story. So many fan films adapt stories that have previously been published in comics format, so to have something entirely brand new is extremely exciting.

“It’s a much more character-driven story than we’ve seen on screen before.”

The campaign for Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne ends on August 31st 2017.

Check out the campaign

Top tip: Play the trailer backwards for a little surprise!

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